Trammell Ventures is a boutique business incubation and venture capital investment firm based in amazing Austin, Texas. Our core competencies are in information and cyber security, Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, data analytics-based business models, and incubating innovative tech startups. We invest in strong teams with great ideas and a clear ability to execute.

Interested in our projects?  Some of our current work is located in our portfolio.

Our Story

CEO Dustin D. Trammell and Director of Operations Christina Johnson-Sullivan launched Trammell Ventures in 2011 to manage investments in engineering project incubation and external enterprises.

Dustin brings over 15 years of experience in advanced information security research and architecting secure networks and systems. Having long held an interest in cryptography and privacy he became an early contributor to and adopter of Bitcoin. As best as we can tell, he was second person after Satoshi to join the bitcoin peer-to-peer network and the third person after Hal Finney to transact with the cryptocurrency. His early involvement led him to need to make a public statement in 2013 that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto. Dustin is also a passionate advocate for the bodyhacking/biohacking movement. His knowledge of blockchain and information security technologies serves as a wellspring that inspires and informs his investment and inception decisions.

Christina has over a decade of business management experience and been heavily involved with the business side of information security since 2009, is a welcome presence at major industry conferences, and has many contacts in corporate and government cybersecurity. As part of Trammell Ventures she oversees the day-to-day business of the enterprise and leverages her extensive network of contacts to secure partnerships.

Leveraging their deep network of partners in the cybersecurity space, Dustin and Christina brought a new conference to Austin, Texas. Currently in its 6th year, InfoSec Southwest is an important conference in the information security space and has been sponsored by household names including Amazon, Cisco, and Trend Micro. The Trammell Ventures events production portfolio expanded in 2016 to include BodyHacking Con, which brings together doctors, artists, scientists, and experimenters in the domain of human augmentation and modification technologies. Trevor Goodman is on point for these efforts, which are now managed by his newly formed Rogue Signal events gamification and production company.

Christopher S. Calicott joined the company in early-2015 to bring a greater focus to market analytics and business development for the company’s portfolio of efforts. As of late-2015, Christopher has transitioned exclusively to the venture capital side of the business as Managing Director of the company’s first venture fund.

Product development and incubation remains a core part of Trammell Ventures. ExploitHub, an online marketplace for purchase and sales of computer software exploits, is managed by Zonk Scott. Scott Boone brings nearly 20 years of experience in systems, network and software research, engineering, and management to oversee and contribute to the development of the company’s portfolio of engineering projects and technical proofs of concept. Audrey Maker, a veteran of several Fortune 50 and startup enterprises, serves as project manager.

Our Team

Dustin D. Trammell


Christopher S. Calicott
Managing Director
Trammell Venture Partners, Fund I


Christina Johnson-Sullivan
Director of Operations

Trevor Goodman
Event Production Manager


Zonk Scott
IT Manager
Director, ExploitHub


Scott Boone
Senior Engineer

Audrey Maker
Project Manager